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New connector technology to speed up

2017-12-7 10:14:29 次浏览

With the development of miniaturization, thinning and high performance of mobile products such as mobile phones, the connection of the display panel and the substrate is more complicated. In this context, JST connector, JAM connector narrow pitch, low back, multi-polarization needs more urgent, especially the thin-walled mobile phone connector requirements of ultra-low backlash become more and more urgent. In order to achieve low-profile products, narrow pitch, miniaturization, multi-polarization and high reliability, various manufacturers use analog technology for further research and development.
Floating Connector - Devoted to developing narrow pitch products

Automotive navigation systems need to absorb the package through the floating connector offset or screw the substrate when the offset generated. The connector manufacturers actively develop narrow-pitch, multi-pole, high-performance floating connector products capable of handling large offset amounts. Recently, 0.5mm pitch, XY direction to maintain positive and negative displacement of 0.5mm high-performance floating connector has been put into operation.

In order to solve the vibration problem, the car navigation system uses two screws to fix the parts. When assembling, it needs to use the floating connector, and requires the narrow space and the floating amount to be larger.

The floating connector is composed of two parts, the contact part (movable side) and the welding part (fixing part), which are connected by the contactor. In the contactor is movable case, will increase the welding load. Since metal fixtures are provided on both sides of the insulating member, the load on the soldering portion is reduced. The connector manufacturers to use micro-precision machining technology and high reliability of contact technology and actively develop a narrow pitch, keep a large enough amount of floating products, rich product variety.

As next-generation floating connectors, both the plug-in connector and the receptacle-side connector can be moved on either side. 0.5mm pitch substrate to substrate connector has a multi-pole structure, pole number of more than 200, the maximum movement of up to 1 mm, and has begun production. This improves the convenience of floating connector users. Using this feature, which can move on both sides, the column and pitch can be moved by 1 mm respectively, and the mating direction can be moved (parallel connection) by 0.5 mm, which is expected to be used in various fields.

Demand for floating connectors is expected to expand worldwide, not just for automotive navigation products, but also for contactless connectors for car audio, office equipment and a wide range of equipment. With the popularity of car navigation products in the world and the expansion of the market, as well as the continuous emergence of new uses, the market of the products is expected to grow rapidly in the future.

Manufacturing Equipment / Machine Tool Connectors - Technological advances are a key factor

Machine tools and manufacturing equipment to use a lot of connectors. To achieve high-performance, high-precision, high-density packaging, connector technology advances are important factors. Various manufacturers are highly competitive in technology development.

Mainly used to connect a variety of manufacturing equipment, power supply, equipment and control components of the signal connector, the use of circular connectors, square connectors. In order to improve the manufacturing precision of products, high-performance connectors are required. Smaller power adapters are being developed to handle larger currents. In order to improve the safety performance, connector firmness, waterproof performance improvement is also indispensable.


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